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Welcome to Chucho's Pig Roast

Whole Spit-Roasted Piglets

Chucho's Pig Roast is very proud to offer you a unique culinary experience – a whole spit roasted piglet! Nothing smells as sweet and savoury as a slow-roasted piglet rotating on a rotisserie. The sight of perfectly browned skin and the sound of sizzling and crackling will make your guests drool. Keep a camera handy, because when they put that first bite in their mouth, they’ll smile. We only use the best piglets, sourced from local farms and carefully prepared with our Cuban's secret blend of spices. We put the time in to slow-cook our meat inside a professional stainless steel roaster until it’s crackling on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. These edible works of art make for a great centerpiece for your party. We’re happy to let guests watch the entire cooking process. If you’re interested in a new food experience, please get in touch. Chucho's Pig Roast will cook your delicious, unique meals that people will remember.

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